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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2017!

As a photographer the biggest challenge is to challenge ourselves to grow, learn and expand.  Just when we think we have it figured out, we quickly realize we don’t. I originally started a photo 365 a few years ago where you take, post and blog about a photo everyday for a year.. well that lasted for about 3 weeks. So for 2017 I am going to do a photo 52. Take a photo a week and blog about it. This way I don’t spam my own blog. So we are kicking off the new year with “Back the Blue”

What is it like being a police officers wife and in my case a daughter of one to!

It’s knowing that dinner may be cut short and being prepared to sitting at a restaurant alone after he gets a call and has to run out.

It’s learning what a 2-2-3 schedule is and adjusting your life around it. And I literally mean YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

It’s getting responses in text like “I’m code 4” or 10-22 that last message and understanding what “cant talk i’m in the middle of a 10-15” is.

It’s understanding that while the world is celebrating Christmas on the 25th we may be moving Christmas to the 23rd or the 27th, really who knows what day it will be.

It’s knowing that other holidays like Easter, Labor Day, Halloween, New Years, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving are suppose to be family days and there is a real possibility that we will be spending it ALONE, and understanding that it’s just ouu life!

It’s not sleeping when he works night shift because your terrified that something will happen and you will sleep though the phone call.

It’s knowing he is suppose to be home at 4am and it’s now going on 5am and he is not home yet, you call and he says i’m dealing with someone ill be home soon. Well how soon is soon, is it like 10 mins, 30 mins HOW SOON!

It’s being on the phone and hearing him say “hang on this doesn’t look right” and all of a sudden a “got to go, call you soon, love you bye” and the phone hanging up and your sitting there biting your nails and pacing waiting for the return call to know everything is ok and having NO clue what could be going on to know if he is ok or not.  Now that one is stressful!

It’s being proud to say yep thats my man! He is a police officer.

It’s being out and having random people come up to him and thank him and you smile inside because that is YOUR husband and someone else is proud of him besides me.

It’s hoping you don’t fall into the odds of police marriages failing at a 75% rate! The national average for non-police marriages is 55%.  (yes I googled that one before I got married)

It’s being hated on and threatened because your married to a police officer and there is so much negative publicity in the world of police.

It’s hearing another officer has fallen and praying its not your officer or a friend. The hardest sound in the world is the last call, just sitting here writing about it and thinking about the last one I heard makes me cry. No family should ever experience that sound.

It’s being mad at him while he is at work and then feeling terrible and praying thats not the last feeling you had towards him in the event something bad happens. Because let’s face it, every time he walks out that door with his uniform on there is NO promise that he will be coming back through the door.

It’s knowing you married into this life and getting mad at him for times that you really know he cant control, and knowing there is a part of him that feels guilty that he is not there.

It’s an everyday reminder that the time we have with someone is never a guarantee and to make the most of it.

It’s looking up to him and being proud of what he does for some many people and knowing the kids have someone to look up to.

That’s just a small part of being a police officers wife. Its not an easy task for sure. Sometimes I ask myself what in the hell was I thinking! Then that little spark comes back and you see him walk in the door and you remember exactly what you were thinking. Through the stress, the lonely nights and holidays, the fear and worry. It’s all so worth it to know you are supporting someone who is a modern day hero!

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