“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller I’ve been slacking on my blogging game big time lately, I’ve been busy with engagement sessions and client meetings as well as bridal shows but I am totally over the moon […]

This was the original post I shared on Facebook, I have sat here for HOURS trying to find the right words, the words that this blog deserves. I realized I could not find the words, because I already had them. The post on Facebook was exactly what needed to be said, exactly what this blog […]

Every now and then we as humans are fortunate enough to find someone in life who can make us feel like no other person can. Maybe it is the way they smile, or the way they walk, maybe even the way they talk and laugh, regardless of what it is you know when you meet […]

Just 10 short months ago Nate Pierre took his girlfriend Darcey Crawford to their 3rd grade classroom where they met 16 years ago at Folsom Elementary. As Darcey sat in the classroom and Nate read a story to the class little did Darcey know what was about to happen.. You guessed it.. He proposed!! You […]

I will never get tired of shooting weddings at The Berry Barn or their absolutely stunning newer venue, The Greenery. From the moment you step onto the land you instantly drift into a world of peacefulness and rustic elegance. Literally every photographers dream! I knew Rachel and Zach’s wedding would be absolutely beautiful but honestly […]