Campfire Engagement Session | Renee & Byron

Everyone has seen at least one romance movie.  You know it’s something like this. Boy meets girl in high school, they fall in love, get married and then live happily every after. It is not every day that we get to witness this is real life. However, this is the exact story for Renee & Byron. Real life high school sweethearts. Don’t you just get the warm and fuzzies thinking about it? There is just something so romantic about open fields, hay bales and campfires. Everything about their session was surrounded by love. The love they share for each other, which was totally obvious every time Renee looked at Bryon.  As well as the land we were on is surrounded by Byron’s family, which is also going to be where they call home. After having to reschedule this session for nearly 2 months due to the crazy Louisiana weather, Renee and I were so excited to do a campfire. Never in a million years did we think it was going to be so hard to keep lit. Thank goodness Byron brought along a bottle of lighter fluid, which we proceeded to use ALL OF IT.  Followed by a impromptu extra large marshmallow throwing contest. We totally made some fish and turtles very happy that night. I can honestly say doing their session was like hanging out with old friends. It was a great evening and I can not wait for their wedding! Come on 11-03-2018!

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