After searching and searching for a cup turner to be just the way I wanted it I finally gave up and took to the internet. I spent A LOT of time at Lowes and Home Depot trying to figure out and wrap my head around exactly what I was trying to accomplish. SO here we […]

Meet Hercules, he is a 6 month old pot belly pig and is our pig baby and yes my husband is a police officer. (I know I know get your laughs in now)…… Ever heard someone call a police officer a pig? I know I have! Both hubby and mom work in different cities (mom […]

  Ok let me start off by saying, I feel your pain! As a wedding photographer, I have ALWAYS encouraged couples to do a first look. I mean really the benefits are ENDLESS! I never understood the hesitation UNTIL I became a bride myself! When I do my wedding consultations it is usually just the […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2017! As a photographer the biggest challenge is to challenge ourselves to grow, learn and expand.  Just when we think we have it figured out, we quickly realize we don’t. I originally started a photo 365 a few years ago where you take, post and blog about a photo everyday for […]