Typically when you think “barn” you think horses and chickens. I hear the word “barn” and I think romantic, chic, and versatile. The Berry Barn is all of that and more, including the horses but outside of wedding venue of course. Renee & Byron have that special love story, the one that starts like the […]


November 26, 2018

The Berry Barn Wedding | Amite Wedding Photography | Renee and Byron

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Once upon a time in a quaint little town named Covington, which resides in the beautiful state of Georgia a house was built sometime around 1910. This house was considered a “modern farmhouse” for its time. After passing through the hands of 2 different families the house was burnt down, by accident I’m sure. Only […]


September 21, 2018

Chimney Park Wedding | The Reserve at Hendricks | Covington Georgia Wedding | Trey and Ashli

Being a New Orleans wedding photographer, I love all of the new and wonderful venues I get to photograph. Eric and Betu opted not to have the traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony but they did have one stellar wedding reception at the Panda King Ballroom. One of the greatest factors of being a Louisiana wedding photographer […]


August 29, 2018

New Orleans Wedding | Westin Hotel – Panda King Ball Room | Eric and Betu

Every wedding is beautiful, but Southern Oaks Plantation takes beautiful to a whole new level of amazing. Mr. Bobby and his staff go above and beyond to make sure every little detail of a bride and groom’s day is perfect. Hope and Lance’s summer wedding was no exception. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, […]


June 19, 2018

Southern Oaks Plantation | New Olreans, La Wedding | Hope and Lance

Hey wedding lovers! Did you know that Abita Roasting in Madisonville on the river is perfect for a super cute and quaint wedding? Me either! Holy awesomeness! David & Leigh sure knew how beautiful it would be, almost as beautiful as their relationship. You see, Leigh and David were no strangers to each other. In […]


June 15, 2018

Abita Roasting Co. | Madisonville, La Wedding | David & Leigh



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