Chimney Park Wedding | The Reserve at Hendricks | Covington Georgia Wedding | Trey and Ashli

Once upon a time in a quaint little town named Covington, which resides in the beautiful state of Georgia a house was built sometime around 1910. This house was considered a “modern farmhouse” for its time. After passing through the hands of 2 different families the house was burnt down, by accident I’m sure. Only the granite foundation and one chimney remain, leaving observers to speculate about the daily lives and joys about which the walls might have told. I was given the opportunity to witness one of those many joys. Surrounded by the remaining structure and old oak trees Ashli married her best friend and love, Trey. Welcome to Chimney Park and one amazing ceremony for a beautiful couple. The love that these two share is blinding. Always smiling and laughing and right by each other’s sides. They truly do complete each other.
Next on the tour of Ashli & Trey’s wedding is the reception, a charming yet rustic atmosphere right outside of the town square. Welcome to The Reserve at Hendricks. I have seen a lot of amazing things as a wedding photographer but nothing comes close to this little town. As you walk around you literally can’t help but to feel like you are in the middle of an old movie. Ashli and Trey’s friends and family showered them with love including Ashli’s dad with his special “family dance” to the ever so popular song ” Dance like yo daddy” which was 100% perfect for them! I can not begin to describe the fun this family knows how to have. I love these special moments.
As the night came to an end for some, everyone gathered in the streets to send the couple off with fresh lavender buds that scented the streets for several minutes if not longer. It is an amazing sight to see so many from near and far come together for these special events. I wish the happy couple a lifetime of love, joy, and smiles.

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