Did I just hear that?

Did you just hear that? It’s quite possible, especially coming from me. So I need you to imagine knowing the big question is soon to come, but you don’t know when, where or how. This is kind of how our wedding story started. Paul took me to the jewelry store to get an idea of what I would like, lets face it not many men have any clue what style of ring to get their (almost) better half. I looked at options and finally fell in love with the idea of creating a thin blue line with the stones in my band on either side of the center stone (Paul is a police officer and I wanted something to represent him) Then we left and didn’t speak of up again. At this point a week or so has now passed. Now anyone who knows me, knows that it is almost next to impossible to surprise me because well I’m nosey. I knew he had gone to the jewelry store without me. Paul was getting ready for work one evening and was acting a little off, he asked me to get his boots out of the closet and then yelled NO! I will get them, never mind. UMM ok, I didn’t want to get your boots anyway! So the little red flag started to raise, why are you keeping me out of the closet, what are you hiding in there… Is it for me?? No answers, none, uggg how uncool. Paul leaves shortly later and I call my cousin. I tell her about his odd behavior and she shouts out OMG GO LOOK!! So as any normal girl would do, I went and looked. I grinned from ear to ear when I looked up above my head (where most things are because I’m short) and behold a ring box!! You know that moment in movies where the cloud part and and the sun shines brightly though them, giving the world hope of sunshine, yea it was kinda like that for me at that moment. Now the real test what do I do, do I look, do I walk away, do I ask him, OHH the decisions… well that was an easy one I LOOKED! But before I did, still on the phone with my cousin who is encouraging the looking part, I studied exactly how the box was placed so that I could put it back EXACTLY  as he had it. So now I reach up as high as I can and grab this little box that has parted the clouds and is shining brightly upon me and asked my cousin one more time, should I? well we all know where that went… OPEN IT LAURA!! So slowly I lift the lid and peek, well duh its dark so I cant see anything. I flip open the lid to find a cute little note “gotcha bitch” BAM the sun stopped shinning, the clouds have returned, it was kinda like when Tom thinks he has caught Jerry only to run into a wall.. Yea SPLAT! My cousin is dying laughing, I’m still trying to pick up my jaw off of the closet floor. CRAP now what?? I get off the phone with my cousin and call my mom, after all mommy fixes everything right… NOPE she is historically laughing at me, then offers this advice. “Laura, put it back how you found it, DONT SAY A WORD TO PAUL, pretend you know nothing”  Yea ok sure.

2 weeks went by and I said NOTHING! Not a word of it, I think this confused Paul because he was so sure I would snoop. NO, NOT ME! Im standing in the bathroom getting ready for work one day and he comes Paul with that box that has haunted me for 2 weeks now. Immediately I started laughing as he said “what would you do if i proposed right now” of course here comes that cat flying out of the bag and I respond ” I know you wont, its a piece of paper!” “I KNEW IT” He responded, then he shook the box and said no there is a ring in it. I heard movement and it was not the sound of paper! OMG IS THIS IT!! IS HE GOING TO ASK ME TO MARRY HIM IN MY BATHROOM!!! Now im hiding behind the wall, laughing and pleading with him not to do it in my bathroom. He flings open the box and before I had a chance to turn away, I look down to see my daughters bubblegum machine ring.. SERIOUSLY WHY ARE YOU TORMENTING ME! Fast forward a few hours, I am now at work (previously was a bartender) I hear this song ” Marry Me” and I think to myself, yea right how many times in 1 day do you think you can fool me! HA Im smarter than that! Paul is now pulling me out from behind the bar gets down on one knee and all the while Im like yea yea round 2, jokes on you Im not falling for it again. I look down and OH CRAP THIS BOX IS DIFFERENT!  PAUSE!!! It felt like a movie where they paused the scene so a single person could think of options. So here are my thoughts, (A) he got a different box and is going to fool me again and how am I going to respond, (B) This is really it there is my ring, IM’A go with (A) so im all set to just stand there and show no reaction … Ok you can press PLAY now.  the box comes flying open and I am standing there with my best RBF (resting B**** face) ready… then I look down.. THERE WAS MY RING!!! So what did I do, I slapped him and called him an asshole! The hugged him and kissed him and jumped up on him! Oh yea I said yes!

NOW, here we are 1 year later getting married in just a few short days. He tells me he wont have my band in time for the wedding! WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was in tears, heart broken, not even sure why but I was. The wedding day comes and Im dying, I don’t want to take off my engagement ring, but he needed it since he didn’t have the band to have something to put on my finger at the I do’s. OOOKKK off comes the ring, Its amazing how naked a finger can feel! Its go time, ceremony time, I DO time and wow there are a lot of people staring at me. Hope I do fall or trip, oh god what if I trip. Yea that was everything going through my head. Finally I make it to Paul, escorted by my wonderful, almost 13 year old son Caden. The vows come, we made people laugh, it was cute. Then the exchanging of rings, I was not to excited because after all I know what was being put on my finger, my engagement ring. WELL Paul’s best-man hands him a ring box, the same ring box that my engagement ring came and before he opened it,  I’m thinking why in the hell are you going through so much trouble to show my my ENGAGEMENT RING! So I start to get a little excited, maybe just maybe there is my band in there, noooo he couldn’t have kept it a secret. The box opens, my heart starts to race, my hands getting sweaty ( it was hot y’all, like for real) stomach in knots and I proudly look down at the opened box to see “GOTCHA AGAIN”  Yes I said it, I called him an asshole in the middle of our ceremony and loud enough that people heard me. My poor officiants look on her face was priceless, she literally said out loud “oh god” she looked terrified as If  I was about to turn and walk out on my wedding kinda terrified. The he pulls out a ring out of his pocket IT WAS MY BAND!! Now the officiants face relaxes lol. We said I DO and kissed! YAY were married!!

Moral of the story, he got me, dont snoop and just wait… ohhh what am I saying I could never just wait!!






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