Mandeville Engagement Photography | Chic Boutique Photography | Monica and Jerry

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Monica and Jerry. I was there to witness the proposal, which Monica knew NOTHING about. Jerry had it all planed out in the form of a house warming party. Monica being the curious person she was, was very unsure as to who I was. Who is this stranger in her house and why is she there. I think I even heard her say to someone, “who is that?” lol. Monica’s mom came up with the story that I was working with her that day. Still have no clue what job that was suppose to be 🙂

Over the course of a few months Monica and I became friends. I just love when clients turn into friends. She contacted me to ask if I could do their engagements since they were getting married in Key West, Fl. No trip to Key West for me 🙁  A HUGE shout out goes to Nuvolari’s in Mandeville, La for being so hospitable and allowing us to come into their closed restaurant to recreate their first date. This was super important to them to have pictures taken there and it was a success! From there we went on to the Mandeville Lakefront. We fought wind and battled rain but nothing was stopping us from shooting. We were on a mission to create memories and that we did.

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