Mandeville, La Wedding Photographer | Fleur De Lis Event Center | Misty and Mandy

This was the original post I shared on Facebook, I have sat here for HOURS trying to find the right words, the words that this blog deserves. I realized I could not find the words, because I already had them. The post on Facebook was exactly what needed to be said, exactly what this blog needed.

I have been looking over this gallery for days now just as I did the original photo I posted, while yes photographing couples in love is my job, there was something about this one that made me happy and gave me a sense of hope in what I do as a photographer. As I have said before I see A LOT of couples. I see a lot of happy couples, but damn what Misty and Mindy have is beyond that, they have what I consider to be the “indescribable love”. What do I mean by that? Well I’m glad you asked!
Before we left to go take the photo bomb photo and do the first look we gave them a moment where they were back to back on opposite sides of a door. Once I got them into place, I reached for both of their hands so that they could hold each others hand. In the exact moment Misty’s hand hit Mindy’s my husband (who was shooting with me) noticed the look on Misty’s face. When we got in the car he said, “if there was any stress or worry it all melted away at that exact moment” he turned to me and said, ” Laura, I could see it all lift and go away, I could see a sense of calmness and peace come over her.” I smiled and said, ” she loves her, she truly loves her ” That is love. That is what love is suppose to be, its not something you can describe “indescribable love”, you can only feel it.
I don’t think love can be defined by a set definition. It’s a feeling. Love doesn’t see race, religion, gender or political views, love doesn’t care if you are tall or short, love is something you feel, it’s something inside of you, it’s something you want to share with someone else. We as humans have a natural desire to love and be loved.
This gallery says it all for me. The way they looked at each other, the way they held each other, the way Misty would finish saying something for Mindy when she got choked up, the way they smiled before a kiss (and it was Mindy’s real smile, not the smile I had to remind her of). What I want to do is more than just document weddings. My aspiration in life is to share with the world…

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