Mandeville Louisiana Photography | Fontainebleau State Park | Jakob & Kallie

I love a good comedy, and yes I am a fan of Madea. I know I know and yes it’s true. Many year’s ago I came across an inspirational  video of her’s (well Tyler Perry) about trees. It really hit home and made me think and evaluate the people in my life. There are some people in your life that are like the leaves on a tree. They are there to serve no purpose, the provide shade until the wind blows, then just like the wind they are gone. They come and go, they are just leaves. Then you have the people in your life that are like branches. She (Madea) goes on to say how they are the trickiest part of the tree. They will be there acting so strong until you step out on to one or lean on one and they break and leave you to fall flat on your face. The third type is the roots of the tree. These are the most important. These root people in your life are few and far between. Most people will only ever have a handful of roots in their life. But these are the strongest, without a root the tree can not survive. When you find root people in your life you hang on to them and cherish them. They are there to build you up. Kallie & Jakob are most definitely roots in my life. They have gone from neighbors, to friends, to family. I can honestly say without them I would have fallen on my face several times in the last few years. Thank you for all that you do for me, for Paul and for our children. I am so grateful to have met y’all, even though I have known Jakob for some time now. I am honored that I can help you create some memories. Its the least I can do. Even though we had to run from wild hogs and it looked nothing like Baywatch actors running down the beach 🙂

Location: Fontainebleau State Park  Photographer : Chic Boutique Photography 

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  1. DeeDee

    May 4th, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    So beautifully written. I totally agree with everything you said abou Jakob and kallie. They are wonderful people and have always been there when I’ve needed them the most. They are lucky to have you too, someone who appreciates them and let’s it be known.