New Orleans City Park Engagements | Hurshel and Reagan

Nothing can compare to the holiday cheer Hurshel is sharing this Christmas season. This Navy Airman has been stationed in Hawaii for the past several months. When Hurshel arrived home (in Louisiana) it seemed as though he was on a mission to spread joy to the ones he loved the most, his mother (who was not expecting to see her son this Christmas) and his high school sweetheart Reagan. I think it goes without saying Reagan got one of the best Christmas gifts any girl could ask for, a proposal, and of course she said yes! With Hurshel only being in town for a mere 2 weeks before having to go back to Hawaii we absolutely had to squeeze in an adorable engagement session full of laughter, fun and most of all love. Being in love isn’t easy. Being young and in love is even harder. Being in the military, separated, young and in love seems impossible, but no amount of distance is stopping these two love birds. Take it from someone who has never met them before they are absolutely without a doubt 100% in love! The way the laugh together, and are so in sync, its incredible. I wish yall nothing but happiness and many, many more Christmas’ to come, but nothing will compare to this one~

Thank you for your service Hurshel, and Reagan thank you for having the strength and courage to love a service member!

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