The Greenery Wedding at The Berry Barn |Amite, La | Rachel and Zach

I will never get tired of shooting weddings at The Berry Barn or their absolutely stunning newer venue, The Greenery. From the moment you step onto the land you instantly drift into a world of peacefulness and rustic elegance. Literally every photographers dream! I knew Rachel and Zach’s wedding would be absolutely beautiful but honestly they blew me away with each and every detail. Rachel hired William as her coordinator and it definitely paid off. Each flower, every candle, precisely laid out to perfection. It’s all of these little details that pulls a wedding together, it sets the tone for everything and absolutely gets you all in the feels.

At this point I had not even made my way upstairs yet to see the bride to be. I was still taking in all of the beautiful décor. When I made my way into the bridal suite and saw Rachel’s dress hanging I was literally in awe. You know one of those cartoon moments where your jaw drops and you have to remind yourself to pick it up, yea it was like that. It was so sleek, so elegant and OMG that low cut back with a long sweeping bow absolutely stunning. As soon as Rachel stepped into her dress, I instantly thought of one of those Hallmark movies when the girl is standing at the top of the stairs and everyone takes notice and is completely struck by her beauty. Since Rachel and Zach decided not to do a first look I was so excited for him to see her for the first time.

You could feel the anticipation in the air and Zach stood up waiting for his bride to come around the corner and into his line of sight. As soon as he saw her there was such a since of pride and peace that washed over him. As strong as he was trying to be and as much as he was trying to keep a straight face you could feel the excitement and love radiating off of him. From that moment forward everything was perfect! The sun was setting, the air was cool, and the two became one.

Congrats again Zach and Rachel! It was an honor to be there and capture this amazing moment for you two!

Vendor Shoutout : VenueThe Greenery at The Berry Barn | DressDavid’s Bridal | CakeJazz Bird Bakery | Hair – Trista Duhon | Makeup – Makeup by Jacky | DJDj Ronnie Roux | FlowersBerry Blossom Flowers | PhotographerBella Voi Photography

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